Professional Services


We specialize in both new construction and overlay of existing damaged asphalt surfaces.  Use our expertise to determine the most cost effective and long lasting solution to your paving needs. 

Asphalt Repairs

We use only SS-1 tack coat to ensure adhesion of new asphalt to already existing surface. We use 448-T1 and 448-T2 depending upon the application.


We offer both small and large scale grinding services to improve the durability and lifespan of asphalt repairs or overlays.


Our Company uses commercial grade coal tar sealer from SealMaster. We add Polymers to improve coating strength and eliminate tracking. We then add very fine sand obtained from Wedron, to make the coating a sand slurry. This sand slurry not only provides traction to the coating, it fills in minor surface cracking better than straight sealers.

Crack fillers

For extensive cracking, we use Flex-A-Fill from Koch Pavement Solutions. Flex-A-Fill is a rubberized, elastomeric joint sealant. This means that the product will allow for expansion and contraction of the asphalt and still return to its original shape. The product is heated above 350 degrees and poured into the joints or cracks. For driveways with limited cracking, we use SealMaster commercial grade joint sealant. 

Color Coatings

When applying color to a new asphalt surface, we first apply Courtmaster Acrylic Resurfacer. This is an acrylic sand slurry emulsion designed to level the playing surface to a smooth surface. We then apply two coats of Courtmaster Color Finish to give the surface the desired look. Sand is also added to this coating to improve traction especially when the coated surface is wet.

Tennis Court Cracks

We use acrylic crack patch to fix most tennis court cracks. Because this material is less flexible than rubberized, elastomeric joint compounds, the acrylic color coating will adhere to the surface. 

Line Striping

We use Sherman Williams Setfast heavy duty traffic paint. We offer yellow and white striping with the option of placing blue in the handicapped spaces.


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Buckeye Sealcoating